Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teachers for Boston

Like many of you I was horrified and disturbed by the events in Boston. Even though I am in Kansas one of our teachers had a daughter who was at the Boston Marathon. She was very lucky that she was not injured during this horrific event. 

 It saddens me that someone would purposely harm people, especially those of our own country. I think it really struck me that so many who loved running are now prevented from doing that by losing their legs or having serious injuries. I also have a sad heart that a child's life was cut so short. I have zero tolerance for any form of terrorism and feel they should be punished to the very extent of the law.

Last night I was looking through Pinterest and found a link to this blog.
This blogger is a resident of Massachusetts and has a great idea. She has enlisted several teachers to help the residents of Boston and contribute to the fund that was created to help those who were injured. While we are only one person, when each contribute a small amount it creates a large amount. Teachers are such generous people!!
She contacted other TPT sellers and they have generously donated products to put in a bundle and sell. There is a K-2 bundle and a 3-6 bundle. Either bundle is priced at $20. If you were to buy these separately they would be a value of over $200.00. That's over 85% off. The entire donation will be going to One Fund to help the victims.
Here is the K-2 bundle (35 products valued at $150):
Here is the 3-6 bundle (37 products valued at $170):

Here is the link where you can purchase the bundles:
Please share this with all the teachers in your building so we can help all those victims.

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