Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What A Week!!

I don't like going a week without posting on my blog, but when your modem at home crashes and then you are frantically finishing things for the school year I found that the week slipped away.

Its been a full week that found me prepping school stuff and having fun personally. I created several new TPT items (one is listed below), tied up loose ends at school, planned end of the year activities, and did some fun things in my personal life. (I went turkey hunting with my BF and am providing pics to prove it! I actually loved listening to the birds and watching the sunrise.  

We were busy in Room 117. We have been to the middle school 2x already in a week to prepare the kids for the transition and introduce them to band. Preparing to say good-bye to our student teacher as well as our para. We also made our Mother's Day gifts. The students had 4 glass stones that they traced and then put Modge Podge over the drawings to make magnets for their moms. They actually turned out VERY great!

This week I have been working on creating our Summer Send Off Day materials.

 This day is a lot of fun and involves a lot of stations. I will put up some pictures after our actual day. Students will recieve a canvas bag and a beach ball when they enter the room. They are free to explore the stations. I originally thought i would have it structured but I think they need time to explore. After the stations students will have an opportunity to sign each other's beach balls to take home and keep for the summer. Below I have listed the stations with a short summary of what I envision will occur.

Summer Fun Ideas
*This is a station where students can gather ideas of where they can visit or things to do over the summer to beat boredom. I tried to find a lot of cheap/free ideas

Book Swap
*Students will trade books that they bring at this station. I have included a letter to send home to parents in the packet.

Math center
*At this center students will use QR codes and a QR reader to show them different math games and a site they can explore. This one is a ton of fun as students can create math art as well. Students take home the QR codes to help them find the site at home. Along with some printables.

Just Right Books
*There are two websites that are displayed on computers along with a sheet that students fill out to locate books that interest them based upon books they have already read, authors they love, or genres.

Supply Stock Up
*I lay out extra papers, pencils, etc that students may take home to keep them occupied through the summer.

Make a Book
*Students staple together colored paper to make a book that they can use as a journal or create a book over the summer.

Photo Booth
* I created lots of photo booth props (found online) and laminated them to use to create memories.

In the TPT product I have included directions for the day, signs to put up at each station, and printables that you will need for your students. I can't wait to see what this day will bring.

Here is the link: Summer Send Off Day

What do you guys do that is fun, meaningful, and keeps kids engaged the last few weeks of school?

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