Friday, November 8, 2013

Five for Friday...I am BACK!!

So I have been neglecting this little blog and I am back and READY!!! So much has happened since I last blogged: summer, new school year, and planning a wedding. EEEK So exciting!! :)

Here is my 5 for Friday to kick off the return back into the blogging world.

I honestly have one of the best classes EVER. I have such a neat group of kids and am so blessed by them each day. I am even luckier to call some of their parents my friends. However I have had one student really struggling these past two weeks. I am excited to say that he has made some gains and I can see some light at the end of this tunnel. Keep praying that this will continue to get better!
2. New TPT products
I have been working really hard this week to get my Teachers Pay Teachers site up and loaded with some new resources. I love looking at and buying what other teachers create and I hope I can help some people out.
One product I put up was a Red Ribbon Week packet. This packet allows the teacher and students to have a discussion about what healthy choices are and who can support you with those. Also to say NO to drugs. Our school had spirit week this week to promote a drug free life. We had crazy hair day, neon day, favorite team day, costume day, and red day.

The other project I put up is a packet to go with The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. This is a short packet about celebrating our differences and have some fun with Spookley. If you haven't ever read this book it is so great and really helps kids with preventing bullying.

The last one is a cool Thanksgiving packet for you to do with the kids. I have a lot of fun doing some supplemental things but yet educational. I think we need to remind kids that learning is FUN!

3. Moving
This is not school related but this week I have a new address. The main motives for moving: cheaper rent and no lease. My fiancĂ© and I are looking to buy a house and this allows us the freedom to do so. Here is a preview of what the house is like.  

4. Loopy Turkeys
When I first started teaching a 3rd grade teacher did this fun craft activity with her kids. She told me that was her special activity and if I ever moved I could take it with me. Well 6 years later I moved to a new town I quickly called and asked for the craft. I am so glad she shared! I love you Mrs. Smith! It provides kids with a good brain break and gives your room a cute Thanksgiving look. They are called loopy turkeys and each year I look forward to making them. This year didn't disappoint!! A great Friday send off.

5. KSU home game
I have had such a busy fall and my fiancé is a fireman so our Saturdays together have been very limited. We were both so excited to go to our first home game of the year. I love my wildcats and can't wait for tailgates and fun.