Thursday, April 11, 2013

Starting a new blog.....

April showers bring.....a new blog.

Let me introduce myself. I am Jennifer a 5th grade teacher in Kansas. I have been blogging for a while but have decided to be more dedicated to it and start up a new blog.

I am hoping to share my ideas, things I create, and learn from the other bloggers out there in the blog world.

I love teaching 5th grade! It's such a fun age to teach as they come into their own and become young adults. I recently moved back to the school I student taught in and feel like I have landed in my "home." Thus....Living the Dream in 5th Grade!!


  1. I love your blog design! I wish you had a follow button so I could follow you!
    Owl Things First

  2. I just added a follow button!! :)

  3. Hey girl! You didn't tell me you started a blog!! I love it! I just happened to see your name on one of the linky parties! :)

    Kinder Krazy