Thursday, April 18, 2013

Testing Motivation--And a Link Up

It's that time of year when teachers across the country are worried about state assessments. You say that word to any teacher and you will hear a HUGE groan! I find myself always looking for ideas to keep kids motivated, keep them focused, and remind them they are smart.

I deicded this year I would have parents bring in water bottles for the class so they could have something to drink while they tested and keep their attention going.

To liven up the water bottles I made testing labels to put on them just to give the students a little reminder that I think they can and will be successful on the test. (For some reason this group of kids love it when I give them little notes before the test. I find them reading their notes when they are working on the test or get stuck. This was an easy way to do this.)

 I have created a set of four water bottle labels and put them on TPT for you to download and print off yourself. These labels go right over the existing labels on the bottles and can simply be taped on. There are 2 colored labels and 2 black/white labels. Hope you can use them in your class as well!!
I am also going to link up with A Teacher Without A Class with her Dollar Days link party. My product is just a $1 at TPT!! What a quick and easy resource for your testing days. I can't wait to find some other dollar deals. 

A Teacher without a Class


  1. Cute Labels!


  2. Thank you so much for linking up! I love idea of water bottle labels! I will be hosting this on the 15th of every month. So I hope you will be able to join in. I really wanted a way that fellow bloggers could promote stuff they are selling through a linky, rather than always giving stuff away. Even though selling these for a dollar is like giving it away!

  3. I just discovered your blog through the Dollar Days Linky and I'm happy to say that I am your 7th follower! Yay!! I am a new blogger as well so please head over to my blog when you have a chance! :o)