Sunday, April 14, 2013

Field Trip Reflection

Today has been a normal day of Sunday Plan/Prep Day. My BF is on duty today at the fire station so I am at home getting organized for the week to come. As we all know this includes: grocery store trip, ironing and washing the clothes for the week, thinking about meals/lunches (and I am sure every teacher is as sick of packing lunch as I am at this point in the year), and looking at lesson plans for the week.

Tomorrow we have our annual EEE day (Environmental Education Enhancement Day). This isn't my favorite field trip we take of the year but the kids always seem to love it. In the past it has usually rained or been humid on the day that my class goes but looking at the weather it is supposed to be sixty degrees....perfect!!

The longer I teach the more I realize the need for accountability for my students on field trip to show them that these trips are an extension of our classroom. Plus I feel that reflection is so powerful for students (and teachers!). I created this reflection form for my students to fill out when they return from the trip and put in their science notebooks. Gives them accountability, feedback for me, and proof of learning.

I have put it on TPT for FREE. Hope that it can be of good use to you. (Click the image below to get your copy)

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